About Us

Eduspire offers around fifty 3-point courses that teach graduate instructors how to bring tech into the classroom. Some courses are available that come with a free device while others can be taken online or in person.


If you are using Eduspire solutions, EHallPass and FlexTime Manager Products, you can easily access a new portal that lets you request service, help and instructions. Alos, you can report any bugs and further suggest improvements. If you have other questions, you can contact your project manager without any hassle.


Teachers can also make their lives easier with Eduspire Solutions online software and mobile apps for managing classrooms. This software is especially helpful for schools that allow students to bring their own devices or have one device per student policies. It also helps students to stay organized, manage their time well and keep track of other activities that ensure school safety.

The suggestions from Eduspire Solutions are great for enhancing the educational experience. Teachers can also benefit from professional development opportunities with this top-notch service. Also, this latest technology in the classroom focuses on changing education from kindergarten to high school. More than 50 detailed courses are offered to inspire teachers to enhance student’s engagement via innovative technology.

You can even use the EHallPass mobile app to manage hall tickets in 1:1 schools or when you bring your own device. It is a really cool way to improve the traditional method and make things much easier.

EHallPass is also cloud based that makes schools more responsible, transparent as well as secure. It has features like monitoring students, generating passes and tracking traffic. With this dynamic dashboard, teachers can manage students data and take control of their classrooms.

Eduspire Solutions also came up with a mobile app for EHallPass. If you want to use it, you will have to download the software program called EHallPass. This app was released to the public on May 16, 2019 and you can download it for both iOS and Android.

About Eduspire Solution

Eduspire Solutions pioneers cutting-edge software for online schools and K–12 institutions, tailored to 1:1 technology setups.

Our comprehensive suite includes scheduling, flexible time management, and activity tracking tools. With over 200 years of legacy, we’ve hosted 300+ academic conferences and built a user base of 1.5 million nationwide.

Our flagship product, Flextime Manager, facilitates peer tutoring, accelerated learning, and extracurricular activities. Meanwhile, our cloud-based EHall Pass system manages passes digitally, minimizing school pranks and vandalism. It incorporates social distancing measures, ensuring a safe learning environment.

Our development team has crafted online and mobile apps for teachers, streamlining administrative tasks and organizing student schedules. These tools simplify availability management, attendance tracking, and remedial activities, fostering an inclusive learning environment. It reflects our commitment to advancing education.