EHallPass is a popular digital system that helps schools keep track of where their students are while at school. It focuses on replacing outdated methods like paper slips and makes things easier and more organized. The software is also designed to protect the privacy of students. So, it is a reliable one.


EHallPass helps maintain a safe and secure school environment. It has many features that prevent students from engaging in activities like causing damage, vaping, meeting with others etc.

The platform lets students to check into the classroom with the help of this feature. This helps save time and effort. Also, the software maintains building security which allows users to manage classrooms. The most appealing part of this system is that anyone can access it on any browser or device.


Nathan Hammond created EHallPass. He is the CEO of Eduspire Solutions. It helps schools manage student passes and keep track of where students are during the day. This makes it easier for schools to make sure that everybody is safe.

This system further protects students personal information and keeps it private. A school teacher who uses a school pass can make the process of the pass system simple, reduce the risk of cyber threat and create a safe environment for everyone.

EHallPass Features

DigitalHallPass or EHallPass helps schools manage student movements during periods in a secure and easy way. Here are some of the EHallPass features:

Data security

EHallPass allows people to keep their data safe which is very important. It has a cloud based server that protects user data. It also protects user information from breaches, cyber threats and unauthorized access.

PIN for auto check-in

EHallPass helps students and teachers keep track of attendance. One of the features is that users can set a PIN code that allows them to automatically check in once they reach a specific location. This means that both students and teachers do not have to waste time to check in manually and during class periods. This makes sure that everyone is in the right place.

Classroom management

EHallPass allows teachers to manage student passes and know where their students are during class period. It lets teachers approve or deny student requests to leave the classroom. It also gives them real time updates on where their students are. With EHallPass, teachers can reduce interruptions and make sure that students follow instructions.

Preventing vaping and crime

With the help of EHallPass, schools can create a safe environment for their students. It also includes many features that help prevent vaping, theft or any other issue that can arise in schools. One of the most important features of this digital hall pass is that there is no need for any physical contact. This helps teachers and students to maintain a social distance and reduce any risk. By using EHallPass, schools can also make sure that students are safe in school.

Building security

EHallPass allows schools to keep their buildings safe. It has unique features that allow schools to control who can go into a specific floor on the building. This also helps make sure that only authorized people are allowed. Further, it helps keep students and staff safe while both are at school. All in all, there are many EHallPass account benefits as it is a helpful system for schools to manage student movement during class periods in a safe way. It provides various features such as data security, auto-check-in PIN, classroom management, anti-vaping, and anti-vandalism as well as building security features to create a secure learning environment.