Frequently Asked Questions

EHallPass is a digital system that simplify the process of taking a break from class in K-2 schools. This makes it safe for everyone.

So, rather than using paper passes, students can request and receive permission to leave the classroom from their mobile device. This way, students can make sure that they are responsible for wandering around in school.

Many schools and districts are already using EHallPass to keep things going smoothly and make sure everyone is safe.


Users often come up with questions and concerns related to the EHallPass system and when they can start to use it, which is normal. But no need to worry.


The EHallPass website has a list of Frequently Asked Questions that look at these concerns. You will find answers to different topics like how to use a mobile app, how to create a student card and the features of the system. In case you think, these EHallPass FAQs also explain if the system tracks the location by using the location services. 

EHallPass is also useful for both schools and districts that want to make things more organized. It lets students ask for permission to leave the class or go somewhere on their phone rather than using any paper pass. The EHallPass website has a lot of helpful information to answer questions and make it easy to use for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

EHallPass makes it easier for K-12 students to get permission to leave the classroom. It also helps teachers to keep track of who is leaving and at what time. This makes it simple for teachers to keep school and students safe. If you are curious to know how it works, you might look at these questions:

What is EHallPass?

EHallPass is a platform that lets students take digital request permission to leave the classroom and move around the school.

Instead of using traditional paper passes, this system is designed to keep things safe and more efficient. It keeps track of who is moving around the school at all times.

How does EHallPass work?

The newly developed system called EHallPass allows students to ask for permission to leave the class via computer or phone. Whenever students make a request, they will need to show a digital pass to the school staff. This will allow them to move around the building. The teacher can also decide if they want to give permission or not.

How safe is EHallPass?

EHallPass lets schools keep track of where their students are and make sure they are safe. It works by tracking where students are through their cell phones. If a student is worried and does not want to be tracked, they can also turn off the phone’s location and then the system will not be able to monitor it anymore.

Which schools or districts are best suited for implementing EHallPass?

EHallPass is beneficial to any K-12 school or district looking to simplify its hall pass process and improve safety measures. Many students and a lot of foot traffic make it ideal for schools with a high level of foot traffic.

Is EHallPass compatible with different devices?

EHallPass can be used on different devices like Smartphones, Laptops and Desktop computers. It also works well on iOS, Android and web browsers. No matter what device you use, you can access EHallPass without any hassle.